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" Cybercrime Framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US has released a framework for improving critical infrastructure cyber security. As it references globally recognised standards for cybersecurity, the framework can also be used by organisations located outside the United States and can serve as a model for international cooperation on strengthening critical infrastructure cybersecurity. The full framework can be read at the NIST website (www.nist.gov.com). 

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" Compliance Software Providers.

" Upcoming Events.

Compliance Institute Annual Conference 13-14 August 2014

Internal Controls in a Compliance Environment 19 August 2014

18th Annual GRC Conference

" Books to Read.

The material contained within the Fast Tracking Company Officers Manual is an invaluable source of information to all company officers which addresses high-level fiduciary related issues in an accessible manner, and without the cumbersome legalese.

It provides some guidance for company officers in their fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

Moreover it facilitates the ongoing professional development of a company's leadership and workforce. In this way it is a tool in ensuring that company officers continue to develop the knowledge and skills expected of them.

This is a key contributing factor to the success, sustainability and longevity of a business.

To order your copy today contact: accounts@remove-this.cgf.co.za

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" Whats Happening.

Never before did we see legislation being promulgated at the rate it is currently being issued. Twenty new acts have been promulgated since the beginning of the new year.


Despite the National Environmental Management Laws Second Amendment Act issued in December of 2013, the Environmental laws have now been amended again to amongst other things establish the Waste Management Bureau and the National Air Quality Advisory Quality Committee.


We have also seen developmental acts such as the Employment Services Act and Employment Tax Incentive Act being promulgated.

Large penalties have been introduced for Employment Equity and Broad Based Black Economic Development.

For your convenience we have uploaded some of these acts.


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" Compliance Consultants.

Exclaim Advisory                                                                                                       W A Boonzaier    
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